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Default Primary still friends with the ex???(rant)

What the heck!! So I wasn't really going to post today but...well here I am. My ex that I broke it off with a couple of days ago just showed up at my house....not to talk to me, but to go to the pub with my hubby. They are friends, they work together...but still...isn't that just a slap in the face considering how angry and hurtful the break up was? I have been trying to hold it together for the last few days and am trying to reach a point where I can see the positive things that this relationship has brought to my life...and the list is fairly large. This seems too soon but at the same time I know that they are friends and will continue to be so after this has been resolved and grieved. I guess I just feel that I could have used more than a couple of days that unrealistic?
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