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Yes, I have a therapist. He advised that I think hard about this for 6-8 months before making a choice. It's been two months.

My wife and gf have been very supportive. Very kind and helpful. They're both happy about my overall changes. I appreciate that I have both of them in my life, and that's why I feel very guilty for thinking about leaving them. It is selfish, and this is coming from somebody that has been selfishly selfless for most of my life.

My wife doesn't want a divorce. She has been trying very hard to get me to talk about this decision (we've already gone over all of it multiple times). Her background and personality is far more stable than my own, so it's been very difficult for us to connect when we do have our talks.

It was my gf who suggested that I might be going through a MLC. Her ex-husband went through a MLC which ended their marriage, so she can spot all the signs. I've done a little bit of research and this theory is quite possible.

I understand that it doesn't seem very rational to split up. That's why I'm trying to make sense of all of this. I think that dingedheart and redpepper are very close to what I'm thinking though. The logic that I am running on is sort of like this - ending these relationships would be like cutting off a gangrenous limb. Certain aspects of my past being this gangrenous limb.

I just have this very strong feeling that if I do end both relationships, there would be a sort of finality to all of this. No idea why.

Would it be okay if you told me more about your current situation, SoulRising?

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