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I haven't had time/energy to write at all lately, since I've been studying for my exams. But they are over now! Yay.

Not really much to update. Everything's just..good and peaceful. I really think good times deserve to be written about, because those definitely are the ones I enjoy the most, it's just that I only know how to update when there's something dramatic or when I'm analysing something big...

I've had a cold for over two weeks. It's really uncommon for me to be ill that long. Luckily, the worst of it was the first week, after that I've been able to study and do stuff again. But I still have very little appetite, I can't think of anything I would feel like eating. Normally I totally don't have such problems; I can eat huge amounts of anything. But this sucks. I notice I eat less than normally, and that's really not good for me (I have even less energy than usual). I hope it passes soon.

When ill I've found myself wanting physical touch and cuddling. Both in general and with both of my partners. LDR with Mya is not really helping this. Well, I just do what I'm good at: accept things as they are and refuse to wallow on it. We have been talking a lot, and I've enjoyed it as I always do, but at times I have felt a bit disconnected with her even though we are having a lot of contact. It's actually a strange thing: I think I should do the "love languages" test when ill or feeling low; I wonder if the results would be different. I did that once and at that time physical touch came only after words of affirmation and quality time.

Alec has made friends with some people he works with. He is clearly enjoying himself, and I am so happy for him! (Can you feel compersion for friendships? ) I've met a couple of them, and they seem like nice people.

I really don't feel like Christmas is next week. It's the same thing always when you have exams, everything that comes after them feels like a lifetime away. Alec's mother and her nephew are coming here to spend the holidays. I like my mother-in-law a lot, so it's nice to see her, and it's great that she comes to visit us here (she needs to take quite a many flights and she doesn't have a lot of money, so she hasn't been able to visit us since we moved here a year and a half before).

And then after new years I fly over to visit Mya and JJ. Finally! We haven't actually had a chance to spend time with that "V" before (though all four of us have hung out), so it'll be interesting. I'm totally jazzed about not having to be the hinge, for a change. I trust that at least some here will get that, though I don't think many mono people would. As in, oh poor you for having two loves, it must be so stressful.... Obviously I enjoy having two partners, otherwise I wouldn't, but that's seemed to be the part where most poly-work lies for me.
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