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I was a virgin until I was 24. I didn't plan it - i wasn't waiting for marriage or anything. It just happened that way. I was very sheltered, went to a private Christian school, and was very, very shy. Looking back at it, waiting that long was good for me. I had sex with my first girlfriend - we weren't serious but it was a real relationship and not a casual hook up. I believe now that having sex in my teens might have been damaging to me. I was so young and immature for my age. I had time to develop sexual ethics before I had sex which was a very good thing for me. Beloved however had sex at 13 and does not regret having sex at that young age at all.

Based solely on what you've posted here, purely casual sex might really bother you as a first time experience. I get the sense you might regret that being the setting for your first sexual foray - not because you are waiting for marriage or traditional monogamy but because emotional connection is something you appear to greatly value. And something more casual, less connected may not suit you right now (or ever).
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