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Default So tonight...

I meet with Ms. "What is a gal like me going to get out of dating a married man like you?"

I guess this is just the first time that I'm interacting with her since things went cold and I'm not certain how it is going to go down.

This is an odd one. I didn't figure I'd get so worked up about this tonight. But... Here I am, with things to take care of tonight, and she wants to meet for a moment. I have to admit I'm a little confused, but then again she might simply be dropping by to pick up something and be on her way. And then I'm just making a big deal out of nothing.

Truth is, while I have no strong feelings against her, as my wife pointed out when we talked about this tonight, S pulled the "chicken switch" on me. Chicken switch as in that she was all fine and dandy when I propositioned her, as she was caught up in the moment, the attraction, and the flirtation, but she soon realized something wasn't right and told me she doesn't think she could become involved with me.

Now I do know that I'd like to still hang out with her, which might just be what we're doing tonight, but I guess I'm wondering what will come of that now that we've openly knocked out a lot of barriers, but now are just friends. I'm still attracted to her physically, which is why I didn't pursue a platonic relationship with her in the first place... and now that's exactly what this might have become.

On another note, I am really excited about the girl I met this weekend, but she's going to be busy all this week and weekend. We've made tentative plans for next week, and I honestly want to just want to fast forward to that time to see how that date unravels. Very fun and very receptive to my perspective. However, we've corresponded briefly today.

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