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I'm reviewing what little literature there is without focusing one one particular theorist. Though I tend to shy away from Sex at Dawn because as a sociologist I tend to see evolutionary psychology to be exceptionally flawed.

You make a good point with the objective (I wouldn't say non-judgmental, since our community does have its flaws in how we attempt to answer dominant societal discourses. Thank you for reminding me of the binary standard, I'll have to bring in a bit using Pallotta-Chiarolli's work on Australian poly families and her use of borderlands theory, which attempts to problematize our social use of Aristotelian dualities and Kantian categories.

"What are the limitations and applying the theoretical work to this social issue?"

One way to look at this question is to examine the multitudes of ways that poly is practiced. There is no 'right' way to be polyamorous, but there is a generally accepted 'right' way to be monogamous. Maybe the only holding tenet of poly is honest communication between partners?

This will probably be the most interesting part of my paper, since I'll probably be doing a bit of theorizing of my own here.

Thanks! Good luck with the chemistry!
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