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As a fellow graduate student (but in the physical sciences) I'm happy to assist you (i.e procrastinate on my own work).

Have you chosen the theorists you will use? I'm thinking the authors of 'Ethical Slut' might be good for the feminist view. There is also the author of 'sex at dawn' or the writers of ' A billion wicked thoughts'.

'What does this work contribute to our ability to analyze the phenomenon in question?'
For me, the obvious answer to this question is a non-judgmental view of non-monogamy. A breaking of the binary relationship standard. There scant little written about the positives of polyamory compared to the volumes of accolades for monogamy.

"What are the limitations and applying the theoretical work to this social issue?"

One way to look at this question is to examine the multitudes of ways that poly is practiced. There is no 'right' way to be polyamorous, but there is a generally accepted 'right' way to be monogamous. Maybe the only holding tenet of poly is honest communication between partners?

Hopefully that can be a start! Back to my chemistry graphs...
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