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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I don't really understand your questions. How would it be wrong? That doesn't make sense to me. Are you looking for some validation or proof that you're either doing something the right way or wrong way?
No I am not looking for validation. I am just thinking of the girlfriends I have had in the past (with the exception of my ex). I fell in love with all of them fairly quickly. One to whom I am married with. Every one of them still talks to me, and I realized a little while ago, I still love them and could easily start where I left off with them.

My wife whom I loved in high school but didn't do anything about back then because she was dating someone else and I didn't have enough self-worth to think really anyone would love me, when we connected it was very easy for me. (we connected 15 years after high school.)

Of course I question all these things of myself, is my love for them given to easy, is it less valuable because I can form these loves quickly, I guess I don't think so.

And I guess for the women, if we connected and I fell in love with you relatively quickly how would you feel. A lot of people on the board here talk about doing everything slowly....
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