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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
. I'd be one foot out the door already. I would hate to see that happen for the OP simply because he uses the word "veto" when to me (and generally others too) he is talking about his wife's perfectly normal and reasonable boundaries.

Really though, its up to you OP. Just trying to educate here. Take want you want and leave the rest.
I'm here to be educated. I love my wife, and I'm lucky to have met P even if we never move beyond friendship. I talked to P tonight, we discussed what I mean by veto, and she's OK with it, says it's not that far from her relationship with her husband.

I'm probably not going to change the agreement with my wife, although I may discuss it in different terms to others. I don't want to mislead new people I meet in either direction, and if 'veto' has a different meaning in this context maybe a more detailed explanation is necessary.
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