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Default Talking it out

So all my closest friends came over last night to talk to me and they made me feel a lot better.

Im not sure if T and I are still a couple, but she wants us to get to know each other better. I don't even know how to do that, and when F is always around when she is, we get no alone time, though we did cuddle on the couch a bit today, but I initiated it and Im afraid to initiate anything, even kisses. Ive asked her for her boundaries but she hasnt responded.

I want to be more intimate with T and it drives me nuts that she wont even talk to me about what she wants and where she is comfortable because that is all I want is for her to be comfortable in our relationship.

I want to help her discover her boundaries without pushing and Im not sure how to do that. She says she doesnt know what they are.

Im thinking about getting her something with a claddagh symbol on it, it means love loyalty and friendship. I know where I can get a ring cheap but Im not sure I want it to be a ring. That may be a little much for a new relationship.
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