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Hi, I was introduced to this forum after someone had mentioned it on another site I am on, shybi, and thought it would be a place for me to look into. I am 38, female, and part of a very complicated relationship. I currently have 2 bf, one who is married and one who is not. The married bf is my primary and I am second to his wife. My other bf is my secondary and I am his primary. He is bi and also has a bf that he sees occasionally. I am bi-curious and there is a girl that I have been chatting with and hopefully we will get to meet sometime soon. When I begin to think of all the angles my head begins to spin, but it must be working on some level because we have been together for quite some time. I have been with the married guy for 6 years and 3 years now with the other. I sometimes wonder if my life will ever be simple again. Anyway, its nice to see that I'm not alone with this complicated lifestyle. I almost feel at home already lol
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