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I am hoping to have the room in the paper to discuss the heterogeneity of poly identity, which i think is what you're touching on. If you get a chance to look at Hadar Aviram's article "Make Love, Not Law" she makes an excellent case for the heterogeneity, lack of coherent group identity and lack of real interest in political activism on our own behalf (identity politics in particular) to our tendency to be relatively racially and economically privileged (allowing for us to stay in the closet more easily in general,) as well as due to our cultural toolkit inherited from various counter-culture groups, scifi/fantasy fandom, geek culture generally and alternative spirituality. GSU professor Elisabeth Sheff's dissertation is another good analysis.

Right now at this point, I'm wondering what the specifics of my paper are. eek! Which is not a good thing given that it is due on Wednesday.
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