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i am very happy. luke(my hubby) and jax(bf's wife) are getting along so well! bf and i are planning a romantic weekend getaway for them so they can get to know each other without having to worry about the kids or anything. we will be able to see them in january. only for a few days, but still enough time to spend together getting to know each other. then luke has to go back to korea. sad about that. him being gone that far away is very hard... i miss my best friend! i cant wait till may when he is home for good. anyway. jax is so cool, during our conversations yesterday, we discussed what we are looking for in another couple... and it turns out we are looking for the same things. i know i mentioned it when i was writing yesterday, but i am amazed that we actually found a couple looking for the same things as us! we have been sorta looking for a bit now, and most couples are very much into the sex side of it, not the actual getting to know you stuff. and that is such a huge turn off to us. we dont want to just be there for sex, we want an actual relationship based on more than sex. and so do they. jax and luke are still trying to figure out what they want exactly out of this relationship, right now they at least agree on wanting to have someone to talk to who understnds what the other is thinking. i guess jax has been hurt by past guys so she is very uneasy when it comes to trusting a guy. but she has said that luke and i dont seem to be bad people! lol. we arent, obviously, but we also dont exactly know what we are doing here. this is all new to us. we have never been close to another couple before, so it is different, and we are trying to not screw things up. we are trying to take it slow. last year when we were 'dating' others, we probably moved too fast and it didnt work out for ither of us. this time we dont want to do that... i love luke so much, and i want to see him as happy as i am right now, but with him being gone, it is hard to do. i have actually met d in person, since he had been in town for work, and luke has yet to meet anyone. it is very hard to tell him how happy i am, i am a bit worried that he will be upset. not mad because i am happy, but sad and jealous. and i dont want that. i try not bringing d up to him too much, letting him ask the questions right now. i think so far it is working that way, because he seems genuinly happy for me.

well for now i think that is it... ill probably hop on later tonight! i am loving this journaling thing...
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