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I know I posted him a link to one of Mono's writings and he did read it.. I feel that perhaps he has blinkers on to be honest.

In terms of disrespect: he does not disrespect my husband. He jsut does not talk about him and when i do, he listens and says nothing.

He is not pushing me to leave as he knows that I am deeply committed to my husband but I will not just give up on this man over a few problems. It took me six months originally to get used to and lose my socially constructed monogamous veiws to become the many loving woman I am today.

So, telling me to leave him is not the way to go peoples Though I understand you are passionate about it, the way your relationship is working and your ability to feel compersion? Is not where my bf is at just yet. This is new to him. He is only 26 and this is his first relationship (serious).

He says he is willing to work through it. I have mentioned that it is starting to frustrate me, and he is slowly realising why, but I know that these things take time.

So i thank you for your views mono Please, think a little more outside the box for me though as I refuse to give up as I will not lose another love this year!! (if i do? its number three... )
~:Loving life and loving many on this path:~
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