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Originally Posted by leeandlouise View Post
"What's a gal like me gonna get from dating a married guy like you?" .
I'm probably going to push a few buttons here but my intent is to help develop reality based discussions around this topic.

This is a hell of a good question. I would be prepared to offer something that makes sense. Considering probably 90% of the world practices monogamy of some sort and has the expectations of mono relationships, a little development in your arguments would be highly advised.

What does a married guy offer to a single gal?
Will she feel comfortable bringing you home to meet her parents?
Are you going to give her the security of a marraige type relationship if she wants it?
Will you give her children?
Will you be proud and open about her and is she free to be with you openly?
Will she have a secretive relationship similar to an affair and only known to you and your wife?
What besides sex and occassional dates are you going to offer her?

Not to sound harsh, but really, for most of the single female population (especially the younger population) a married guy does apparently have little to offer. And so the debate begins

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