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Originally Posted by purpledreamer View Post
in the last few years i've been making a big effort to get comfortable in my skin as i find it extremely bizarre to experience the loathing of ones body i have experienced, growing up with eating disorders & body image/self esteem issues. While i understand intellectually/psychologically very well the varied and multi levelled reasons i may have chosen to adopt this understanding regarding my body, i still find it fundamentally bizarre and at odds with everything i feel is natural for me. After doing a lot of the usual healing things re body stuff i decided gettin about nude was a good way to challenge these distorted fews i had head on. I started going swimming naked at a local water hole, with a male friend of mine (former lover, but now just fabulous friend) and it was SO challenging at first it made me laugh. I had this whole dialogue going in my head the whole time, where my 'old ideas' were coming up and then some kind of 'observer me' was challenging those thoughts, breaking them down to their pieces and figuring out they were essentially b/s. It was so refreshing to find myself forgetting that i was nude and just being relaxed with my dog & my mate. It was also really great to be allowed to experience nakedness in a completely non sexual way. It was so new and felt strange. Which is odd it was so strange. Our bodies are sacred & so much more than just about our sexuality and my experience of nudity on these occasions demonstrated to me the backward messages a lot of my community has regarding the amazingness of our bodies. They are so brilliant and complex that they deserve to be worshipped on so many levels. I then went and got some nudes taken by a local photographer, kind of to honour my body.. Love getting around nude or basically nude around the house in summer by myself, & came close to going in the World Naked Bike ride this year, but still gotta way to go i think-as i get more and more connected with body, and love more and more every bit of me- i'm glad summer is just arriving here in oz, so its actually viable to 'hang out with your wang out' (even tho i'm a chick and have no wang-i just wanted to say that. Lol) So i say three cheers to nudism! As its natural, we're perfect, it makes sense, so why the hell not..
Hi, PurepleDreamer. Could you please edit this to include some paragraph breaks and white space? Text this dense is hard to read.

Thanks! And welcome to the forum!
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