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Default ... that brings up another thought I had

So, you hear: "What's a gal like me gonna get from dating a married guy like you?" I'm just starting up with all this but I'm already getting that vibe. Seems like this is a much easier/more convenient lifestyle for the females. Guys don't seem to care about the long term as much. But, women I meet are definitely concerned how this fits in with longer term plans, etc. Granted, our current partners would be more willing to date us if things were turned around, but ....
I just think there doesn't seem to be that many people out there that want to get in any kind of relationship with a married guy.
On a good note, we went to a party at a club this past Saturday and our waitress actually responded positively to me when I explained our marriage and how it works. She willingly took my info but I didn't end up getting hers. Maybe I made my first "dating" mistake. We'll see ... I'm old enough to be her dad anyway, she probably just thinks I'm an old perv. But, it's fun to be able to at least dream about it and not feel the guilt. My wife thinks I'm a kook.
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