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I did it! I sang and it went well and I can breath easy for a sec until I start to panic about how much time left until the show on Saturday for burlesque! Off to practice my tassel twirling. I made some holiday ones with bells on the end. Gotta be a kink for that!

Leo was in the paper this week for the opening of his new store. So proud of him. I see him much more often on the fly as his store is near my job.

Derby has been busy and occupied with her life, but we talk daily and last night got some smooching in with the help of a lime and prompting by an audience at the party we were at.

PN is in thick with his university course, but we spend time together daily chatting and taking a moment to connect.

Mono and I are spending our time in each others company but doing our own thing more; me burlesque, him well, who knows what he does, lol. Something on line and to do with his computer.

LB got his report card and aced everything. He is one happy boy. So loved and supported. Our efforts are paying off in terms of the time we have taken to ensure he gets the attention he needs.

Poly family rock!
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