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Default Continuing to learn :)

Last night myself, PN, LB and Redpepper's parents went to watch her sing in her choir at a local theatre. It was a great show and the entire family was very proud of our loved Redpepper

Afterwards, PN went dancing with friends and Redpepper headed off to a "poly" party with Derbylicious and her hubby. I call it a "poly" party because it included people from the local community. I stayed home and had a quite night to myself watching over my little buddy.

Having a partner who is independant can certainly relieve the pressure of having to do things as a couple. The idea that she was with Derby also helps take away a sense of obligation to attend as well. I think it is important to remind myself that we are often in two different streams of social comfort. I enjoy hanging out with both but I think it is still better to step back from the poly social scene and give RP that space to have fun without me around or worrying that I am going to smack someone upside the head for flirting with her And why the hell wouldn't they...she's a sexy lady!!

It's interesting to know that after almost thre years I still don't feel a true part of either social circles. Luckily I am very comfortable in the space between as I enjoy solitude and keeping most people at a distance.

Learning is success, and so is acceptance! Lots of things going on internally, rethinking boundaries, rethinking what parts of traditional "commitment" I am holding onto and wondering what the future holds. What's next?? Make no doubt there will be plenty of love for RP and family

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