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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
As far as bathing suits go, miss pixi has a bikini and a one piece suit. Some transpeople do not swim for years because of the what to wear problem. Imagine being a transman who hasnt had top surgery yet and has large breasts! He'd need to bind his breasts under a tshirt. How uncomfortable for swimming!

miss pixi's bikini has a small skirt on the bottom piece. With her one piece, she wears "shapewear" under it so she can still tuck up her package. Some transwomen don't "tuck," if their packages aren't too big. Others don't care, and let the bulge be there. miss pixi is not hugely endowed, but feels more comfortable without the bulge. If Jewell wears board shorts, she will have to decide whether she wants to tuck (using tight shapewear under the shorts), or not.

Good luck to Jewell using the female locker room. miss pixi always uses women's restrooms and has since high school. (She's now 34.) Even though she was living as a male back in jr high and high school, she got permission to use the girls' locker room because of the bullying she'd get in the boys' locker rooms, because she was so effeminate.

Your snowstorm story was so romantic. I love the hot relationship you and Lover have.
Yea, the bathing suit issue is really big. I remember when Jewell was at his parents country club pool. Yikes! She had to go and as a guy. I wasn't there to take the kids. Her parents really wanted her to go. She was transitioned enough that she had pretty nice sized breasts and was just sliding into being more female than male. Talk about tricky. She got by with wearing a big baggy shirt.

When she does go as a female she doesn't really worry about tucking because like miss pixi she's not very endowed, and very effeminate. That and cold water seems to shrink it massively.
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