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WHOOPS! I wrote this apparently two posts behind. I'm sorry. I see you've talked to JJ.

I am so new to this so please please please correct me if I'm mistaken.

But isn't part of having a partner, or many partners, trusting them and their decisions? Both of you acknowledge that your actions and other loves impact each other. Don't we need to trust our lover and partner to use their own judgement and act according to that knowledge? If you are concerned about how his actions will negatively affect you, are you really trusting him to do that?

And isn't asking to meet someone before he sleeps with them, while probably not a bad idea at all, I mean who hasn't slept with someone to realize it was a big mistake afterwards, possibly asking him to alter his lovestyle? If his style is physical before emotional would he really want to bring her into the rest of his life first?

I know I, and I think I remember reading you, need a connection before getting physical. I want to be friends first. But not everyone is that way.

It might be wiser to just talk to JJ about it. Maybe remind yourselves of the impacts of seeing other people, or having your relationship exposed to the wrong person and then tell him you trust him to consider that before getting involved with anyone, just as he trusts you.

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