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Originally Posted by Nzlovergirl View Post

Half a relationship? Does anyone else understand this? perhaps you can word it a bit more appropriately for me as I dont feel i fully understand it...

Half a relationship - Here's my take on a person entering an established marriage, especially one involving a married person.

If the "additional" person has not experienced things like marriage, having kids, buying a house, family events, holidays and whatever with their own partner/family then they will feel as though they are missing something. Why? Because they won't get to experience all these things to the same extent as they would in a traditional relationship. It will be different.

The best mono to enter a poly relationship is one who has experienced a fair bit of life and who respects everyone in the dynamic. Someone who hasn't gotten to experience all the things associated with a traditional mongamous relationship will probably wonder what it would be like. There is a difference...I come from a long term traditional relationship, bought all the stuff usually associated with success, raised a child to the teen years and then entered a polyfidelous relationship.

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