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Default What a weekend!!

Redpepper and I had a great weekend. It was a complete visit, dinner, concert, dancing, supper with another poly family and most importantly...communication!!

I fully understand that a lot of people, mono and poly, don't want to deal with pushing the depth of their relationships and I also get that some people see this deepening as "drama". Our relationship, just like the one she has with her husband, is based on deepening our understanding of each other. We thrive on communication and what some people may consider "drama".

In communicating so much we have formed connections so deep they feel timeless and are rewarding in ways that are hard to describe. I am again blown away by what we are building..all of us. This also includes the community of poly friends we have which is growing and becoming normalized as well. This is amazing and I love her more and more every time we have a "dramatic" moment and discover something new about each other. Redpepper has changed me forever in how I view relationships and what my expectations are. Thank god she plans on keeping me around because I would rather be alone than have anything less than what we have becomeÖ.I think Iím safe though..she seems to have a liking for this Mono Vanilla Cracker

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