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If your boyfriend does not respect your husband....leave him. Based on what he has said I don't see him coming to grips with sharing you with anyone. He is mono wanting a mono girlfriend. He will probably push more and more.

I saw one of Redepepper's ex Lover's less than respectful interaction with her husband and it drove me insane. I couldn't understand why she would give so much of herself to someone who didn't respect him as much as I did. I realize this was my perception of it but regardless it hurt me.

I'm not Redpepper's husband...I'm the boyfriend and this kind of situation pushes buttons in me that I can't fully explain....other than saying I want to shake people and tell them to show thier spouses the respect they deserve and dump anyone who speaks disrespectful of them. I'm tired of hearing "but my heart wants this" some respect, imagine how you would feel if you were the spouse being spoken of this way and be an adult. Set boundries, accept reality, and explain it to your other partners...if they can't handle it, move on.

If I ever show disrespect towards Redpepper's husband I hope someone steps in and gives me the ass kicking I deserve..before she dumps me. This fucking annoys me.

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