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Default Nothing awkward here

It is just an odd water temperature to get used too.

I had a wonderful weekend, though it started a bit troubled. I was hit pretty hard by the news of my friend not feeling good about getting involved with me. As SeventhCrow said, it was bittersweet. And I really did not know how well I would recover from making a leap of faith as I did.

Because of this, I have to admit that I got a little mopey around the house about it, and it made my missus feel a little frustrated with me. However, as it works, A and I had a wonderful talk in the middle of the night Friday and then enjoyed Saturday, making pizza, tooling around on laptops and we even got out my old bass and I gave her a lesson (something we've not done in the 10 years together). Total WIN.

Yesterday evening I was invited to go to a party with A's boyfriend and so I did. It was a wild animal themed party, so that set the mood right and I dressed as a Safari Hunter, so I thought I was sending a message with my costume :P. So anyways, I let last week go and decided to really enjoy myself and I did.

The night was great and while I did see the source of my before mentioned infatuation, I wound up meeting someone else who I sat and talked with for the bulk of the night. I am not going to pine on about her, even though she's really cool, but what I liked was when I explained how my life functions, she really seemed receptive to it and had plenty of questions for me, to which I even had plenty of answers. I did not hear the "what will a gal like me get out of dating a married man like you."

I'm hope we get to talk to one another soon, but again, I don't want to jinx myself.
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