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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I got my Grandma's Singer when she died. Had to take it even though I dont sew much. My oldest daughter taught herself how to sew on it and got some good use out of it. When my marriage broke up and we sold the house, I gave the machine to miss pixi and she loves it soooo much. It's a Singer 401A from the 50s. Totally rocks. She's gadgety, so she's been servicing it herself.
I actually have 3 sewing machines, the Singer which I bought last year, the crappy White my grandma bought me 18 years ago, and my grandmother's PFAFF 332 that my mom gave me when Gram passed away almost 3 years ago. The PFAFF is from the 50's as well, and has 2 dozen attachments I've never seen before that look like medieval torture devices, I have thus far only been able to find a book in .jpeg format, but the local singer shop is willing to show me how it works.

As for me today, I woke up with terrible back pain and it is laundry day so I am considering a long soak in a hot tub.
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