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Originally Posted by IamWhoIam View Post
My live-in companion is finding my poly life very challenging. She oscillates between complete acceptance of this for herself to and for me.. and then total resistance and hatred for the lifestyle, and even contempt for it all.


Some days it's as simple as remembering- "now is all there is. Im here, and im choosing". And other times its a shitstorm of hellfire and blame.

If your partner is ok with your poly relationship some of the time and not ok other times, then your partner is not ok with your poly relationship. I don't really know what other things you're weighing in this, but personally, if I'm in a relationship where the fundamental goals are different, trying to keep it going is usually going to mean a shitstorm of drama and pain. Generally, I can try and work through it as much as possible, but experience has taught me that no amount of working through stuff like that is useful if two people have fundamentally different goals unless one party is ok with lying to themselves (and that's pretty unsustainable anyway).

Though that's only my perspective based on what you posted here, knowing that it's far from the full picture.
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