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Default Would you go?

So again with me and a Christmas themed post.

So on Christmas day my partners has invited me to a Christmas breakfast at his parents family home. It will only be a small gathering 5-7 people.

His parents don't know we are poly, and I have met his mum twice but she knows me as a friend.
She knows his other girlfriend as his partner.

We went to another family christmas gathering on the weekend and it went really great. A lot of the people hadn't met his other girlfriend, so it was just assumed we were both I guess "special friends" I got along well with everyone interacted with and we all had a really nice time.

However I couldn't shake the feeling that his mum didn't like me.
He explained later that she can be hot and cold with people at times.
Now keep in mind she didn't "say" she didn't like me, wasn't rude to me.. actually laughed at a couple of my jokes or whatever.
It was honestly just a feeling I got, and the fact that when they went to leave she said goodbye to most people personally and gave them a kiss on the cheek. A lot of the other people, including my partners dad gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I would ideally love to spend some time on Christmas with my partner, but I don't love that A) They don't know we are poly and B) That I just can't shake this feeling that I am not wanted.

So if this was you in this situation, would you suck it up and spend time with your partner? Or would you give it a miss because of the awarkwardness?
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