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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
So, I told Davis about my crush on Jay. It was anticlimactic.
Heh. I just remembered...

One of the things that used to turn Shorty on was my telling stories about my sexual experiences with other guys, but I never told him how much I had fantasized about his best friend JD who had introduced us. I'd had some of my best orgasms thinking of JD! But I felt funny telling Shorty about that because I thought it was sort of taboo, or would cross a line somehow since they're best friends. But this one night, we were laying in bed after sex, and we were talking about JD so I did say I had a crush on him. I was wondering how he would react, and he just casually commented, "Oh, that doesn't surprise me. JD walks into a room and all the women want his attention." Talk about anticlimactic.
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