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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
If she's cool and fun in other ways, why not just ask her to help out with things? I mean, good sex can be hard to find.

OTOH, if you 2 just don't have enough in common with her friend-wise, then it might not be worth the hassle.
We sat down before Thanksgiving and had the big talk. We agreed that from an emotional stand-point it was right for us to break up, but no one wanted to give up our sexual connection. That felt weird but at the same time made us all happy.
Then Thanksgiving travel happened and we didn't see each other for over a week. While my husband and I were away, our girlfriend spent 5 days with her new girlfriend (an LDR, and the first time they'd had time together since getting together). She is totally over the moon and thrilled to find both an emotional and sexual connection with someone. Good for her!

Unfortunately for me that resulted in her having a talk with my husband last week after game where I think she said that she wouldn't be sleeping with either of us again. I wish she had talked to me as well, but it was late and I was already asleep. Ah well, as long as everyone is happy, healthy, and loved, that's what counts. I guess it counts as a successful and drama-free breakup.

Thanks for all your advice! It really helped to have it in my mind during that long night's break-up talk.
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