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Let me start off first with (((((Hugs))))

now, my personal advice would be, you need to decide which one you want/need/love more and choose him by letting the other man go completely, your current situation is not a fair place to start being poly from, your husband can't completely let go and move on til he feels the threat is gone, and your guy can't be free to love you with limitations

as to his other lady, i say if its bothering you, he should either slow down or end it all together if its that upsetting to you, and you both should try to start on an even keel and if you want to try poly, meet new folks, don't look to those from your past, theres always going to be too much baggage there, and to be honest with one another, you'll never know for sure if it bothers you to see each other with someone if they're someone from your past, there is bound to be hurt/uinsecurities/issues abound with past interests

you both need to sit down, really talk, and really listen, decide whom you want to be with, and let the others go and move forward, not back, find new loves with whom neither of you have a past, then see if you can make poly work, thats my advice anyway, take what you will and leave the rest, no harm, just words of experience, hope any of it helps
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