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Juggling multiple schedules, relationships, needs, etc., doesn't just happen on its own because it "sounds wonderful". It takes effort and work.

he has a job he what's he doing to make a job/career change? Has problems in his relationship with you....but won't see a counselor

I don't know the circumstances of your husband ending up in a divorced family with no father figure. But, people can get divorced and BOTH can still actively parent their children IF if they choose to make the extra effort that's required when they no longer have the convenience of being in the same physical household.

Firstly, much respect to all of you who can juggle this lifestyle and still keep everyone happy!

I told him this morning that even another woman in his life, won't (for very long) be a good enough distraction from a hated career path. Career is what I think he should be working on, though he doesn't know how to do that because his current role takes everything out of him, there's little time left over for anything, (let alone another woman!) He's obviously disappointed with how his life has turned out and frustratedly searching for a quick injection of newness to revitalize himself and quite likely offer a much needed boost to a shrunken self esteem....
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