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Hmm, you make a good point.

I guess maybe I'm trying to accept the rationalisation that my mother used in having an affair with her boyfriend for 2 years before he left his wife. I spent a lot of time counselling her about it (pretty unhealthy, I know) but it's hard to condemn people you love for their choices just because they're against your beliefs.

It was a pretty strange situation, anyway. But you're right; it's never right to lie.

EDIT: Also, good things can come out of bad. I don't recommend it but it's true for me that sometimes I have to experience what I don't want to do/be like before I can recognise how I do want to be and act differently in future. I guess people can grow out of selling themselves too. And by grow out of, I mean, grow to understand that it's not something they want to continue and change their way of acting.

Sorry for not being very clear.
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