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It's insane. The guy lives across the country and promises to look for work in our area and move here, so my wife can still be close to our daughter when they move in together. In the meantime, she still lives with my daughter and I, but not as a wife - more like a room mate. We sleep in separate rooms.

It's bizarre. 22 years and poof! Done. Over.

I can't deny that it hurts but I have never had any success with anger. I find that most of the time it is worse than pointless, it is detrimental to everyone concerned. So I breathe and meditate and just keep on living. I have told her I think she's making a mistake. Her sister told her she's making a mistake. Sometimes you just have to let go and let people make their mistakes.

My biggest worry is my daughter. I hope the stress of this doesn't hurt her too badly. Many of her friends have separated and divorced parents and so she can at least see that it isn't something that isn't completely abnormal, even though the specifics of what is happening with us is a bit wierd, being in the same house but separated.

I guess I am relatively sanguine about things, as Magdlyn says, all things considered. Lonely though.
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