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It turned out that my bobbin casing was damaged when S broke a needle off in it and then immediately replaced the it with a new needle and didn't search for the missing middle piece. She bent the next needle and I was like, stop. No more trying to "fix" my machine. The bobbin thread hadn't been coming up, but it turns out that I'd been using too thick of a thread for bobbins. Who knew?

I would suggest getting your machine oiled, also replace the needle everytime it starts jamming because it could be dull. Finally check your bobbin tension. My mom's machine was jamming and it turned out that I just needed to reset everything back to basic and change out the bobbin and needle. It's been fine ever since.

As for how I'm doing. I'm feeling pretty damn good. I ran an errand this morning, picked up Wendigo for the day and spent a little under an hour intimately reconnecting with him before I had to pick Runic Wolf up from work. Then we all spent a few hours talking and relaxing on the couch before hitting the workshop. I just got back from paying a traffic ticket and am grateful that it was less than I was expecting.

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