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Originally Posted by Lila View Post
Thank you for showing concern, it's nice to have some confirmation that I'm not going crazy! I too am wondering how this could even be on his mind right now....I'm still half in shock that he's even mentioned it, but to be honest, with him, nothing surprises me lately! He said he just can't help how he feels and wants to be open about what's on his mind. What can I say to that? but yes I believe dreamy escapism is part of it...
No you are not going crazy.

It sounds like your husband is under immense pressure, and right or wrong has decided 'poly' will distract him from the realities of work, finances, a marriage he has decided is stale, and ultimately having to live with the future of a Trisomy 13 baby.

However, if he has agreed to wait till Spring, and is willing to hold to that then you have time to focus on you, the baby and your marriage. If come Spring, he is still sure this is where *he* intends to go...then you have to decide if it is right for both of you or not. In the interim I would focus on what is on your plate now, and possibly suggest he find someone to talk to about what is going on (friend, therapist, ppl here, etc) as he has a lot to process before even he is ready to make this decision.

Hugs to you & the little one
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