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Oh Lila, I am sorry to hear that you are also having a difficult pregnancy while he is asking for this. How did it get to the point where he could be so inconsiderate?

From what you said, he might be a bit depressed, too. Whatever is going on between the two of you, there is a whole lot of stress! However, running away to escape and take on a lover, is not the way to handle the enormous responsibilities of a job he hates, a stagnant marriage that needs healing, more tenderness, and more loving kindness, and a pregnancy involving significant health issues. He wants things to change but he thinks polyamory will be a magic wand - start reading the threads here, life will be much harder for him if he has to manage an additional relationship. After all, he can't have that with a make-believe doll, but with a living, breathing human being who has needs, wants, desires, moods, and life goals of her own.

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"...I'm worried you don't have time for something like that. Can you prove to me that you do? Start by dating me..."
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