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Thank you for these thought provoking comments.

@Somegeezer - Loving your advice and so agree with you about spending time with the right people.

I have a question for you.

Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Though I don't get help from my mother out of choice. She's terrible at helping.
I would say exactly the same as that about my mum but I sometimes wonder if it's not just her. I don't think I'm good at asking for help and maybe that is part of the slightly problematic dynamic between us.

@liberumcredo - Thankfully, my SO is very supportive and very good at providing validation normally. The plan changing thing isn't around ditching me to see other people - it's more that my SO has a very busy, stressful life.

Sometimes the stress leads to lack of good communication. Often I'm right to be annoyed about it - but if I was able to be less emotional and more constructive, we could deal with the problem more easily.

Thanks for the book recommendation - I'll check it out. Sounds good.

@SNeacail - Grand solution. Will think about how to apply it to my situation.

Thanks again, guys. xxx
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