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Sounds like a fairly nice fellow, Indie. =] I try to avoid comments on appearance in general when I send messages. Even if this woman is stunning, I just wouldn't know how to put it in a way that didn't sounds like cheese. =P So I stay away from making comments like that in my first message.

I seem to get a lot of response from commenting on things within the profile though. Say they mention a band I like, and I can comment how I once saw them, or that they play an intrument or computer games, to which I can ask a question, such as "how long have you been playing? What was your first instrument/computer game?"

In the past few days I've been talking to someone whose whole family is in a third generation of computer nerds. =]

Even better responses if I manage to make some kind of witty joke on something within the profile. But just like the appearance comments, if you aren't good at making a joke, you could easily offend a lot of people by laughing at their profiles. >.< The best way I find is to joke about something they have already joked about themselves.

There was one who had a comment in the "anything personal you will admit" or whatever that section is called. It said "I am NOT Batman... Actually I am, but had you fooled right?", to which I added in the message something like "You really had me thinking you weren't Batman then. I'm such a fool! =[". It managed to get a few messages back so far. =]
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