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Originally Posted by Erato View Post
At least with an affair it has room to grow, because you may love the person and end up leaving for them, but with that it's just about greed and lust - I'm sure plenty of affairs can be about that too. But anyway, that's just my opinion.
In my opinion and experience there is never room to "grow" in and affair.... it's cheating, fair and square. It leaves a person with no integrity or dignity. Full stop. That is not growth. That IS a growth, of the large ugly kind, right on your forehead that says, "I am too weak to face up to my fears and to take my life into my own hands." It is a growth that says, "I can't live up to my responsibility, that I would rather hurt innocent people in the mess i have created and in my selfish way than be an advocate for their best interest and mine."

Sorry, my friend.... you are so wrong and really need to check your values and beliefs, my opinion.
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