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I don't know about directing anyone over to the pick up artists. They may have a few useful nuggets, but, there are unattractive attitudes there that might be catching as well.

I will admit that confidence is attractive, and a lot of what they teach is how to project confidence even if you don't feel it. Sort of a fake it till you make it thing.

So, whether in person or on the Internet, try to appear confident. It helps if you actually do like yourself and are not feeling desperate. I didn't go anywhere near dating until I was comfortable alone. I'm not interesting in settling for less than a great match and you shouldn't be either. It isn't good for either person.

On your profile and in any messages(or in person!) don't be negative. List things you like, not things that you don't like. Don't talk in any negative fashion about yourself or anyone else. Don't be negative about being on a dating site, as the people reading your profile are also on a dating site! You will have indirectly insulted them by saying negative things about yourself.

I dated a guy once, and the flaw that was most annoying was whenever he denigrated himself as "only a nerd". Only? The nerdy streak was the reason I was on the date with him! It was what we were having fun talking about!

Look at the interests that you have and the things that you are best at. Don't hide them! The best matches for you will be happy to talk about exactly those things! I know this because I found nerdy guys willing to talk about programming and video games and molecular gastronomy! And SCIENCE
Muahahahaa! Um.... Anyway.

Confidence! It is attractive. If you don't have it at least train yourself to not talk down about yourself and our interests.
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