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Default I just got a reply!

I just got a reply! Yeah! Below is what I wrote, followed by the answer.

Hi [Redacted],

Since I keep checking your profile every once in a while, maybe I should just send you a note. Your face reminds me about something but I am not sure what.

I recently moved to the city and I'm still in the "kid in a candy store" stage. While work is getting in the way, I love exploring and keep trying to reserve time for it. In 2008 I spend a summer here as well, and was fascinated by the antique shops around 25th with the storekeepers complaining that eBay ate their lunch. Time flies.

What events in NYC you have in mind when you talk about dancing? I enjoy dancing too.


She answered a day later:

Hi please don't take offense. I have decided to tell you that we are not a match. No need to contact or view me anymore. don't take it personally.

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