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Thanks and we'll definitely look into Kink-friendly therapists, but I think what I'm really after is how other people get to the point of having a partner actually be honest and open about their feelings and desires? I would like to move into polyamory and actually have relationships with our partners bit I know I shouldn't because our relationship isn't strong enough at this point that I feel like I can trust him to be honest with me and actually discuss the things we'd need to be able to discuss. Plus he wants to date his partners on his own, which to me seems kind of like it will end up being polyamorous - and like most situations I predict will happen and he says will never happen - it probably will end up being poly. My whole partyline here is that I just want to KNOW and be aware of it before it escalates to that, so that I don't end up feeling like I did that night - I felt like an idiot for believing he would tell me and negotiate before it happened, and a chump for believing he would be responsible enough to at least tell me before something happens. Like I couldn't trust him to even be alone for a few minutes without him violating an agreement.
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