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Sorry but I'm stunned that anyone in this day and age would EVER have unprotected sex with someone before being tested and who they barely know ever let alone not know that there is MORE than pregnancy to think about. I think all of you need some educating and fast.

Go on line and look up STD's (sexually transmitted deseases) or STI's (infections), HIV-AIDS, herpes, genital warts... Educate yourself! I'm surprised this dude would not be concerned too! Really? I'm not judgung you, I'm just legitimately surprised!

You might want to go and get free condoms and info from the local clinic or AIDS organization too. You can also do a tag search here for "STD" "STI" "herpes" you can do this by going to the toolbar above and pressing search. The "tag" button will come up and you can press that. If you are struggling to find relevant threads, please ask someone here to help.

Before there is any more contact of any kind I would be marching you all to the clinic to get blood tests. This guy might of given you something or your wife to him that she and you already share.

You asked if anyone has this situation of a wife having a husband and a boyfriend... Do some reading around here. You will soon find out that this is common here. I would be getting your wife here pretty quick too. It sounds like all of you could use the info here.
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