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Originally Posted by whatitdo View Post
Now she has been seeing this guy for a month. ... they have had sex a few times now. ... but the sex is unprotected.

she has never been a fan of birth control. it has been hard for her to get pregnant anyways as BC in the past screwed up her cycles. she insists she does not want to go back on it and if something happens me to be ok with it. whether her getting pregnant by him or me. in some ways i can be ok with it in others i am unsure.

should i enforce her using birth control or let her do as she pleases?
Birth control isn't all you should worry about - what about sexually transmitted disease and infections? Have you seen his test results? She's only known him a month - way too soon to be having unprotected sex. Geez, how can either of you be so cavalier about this?
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