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Default First Fight

So Robert and I had our first yelling fight, everything up to this point has been calm discussions on differences.

I saw something one way, he saw it another, and he felt accused by me, so it turned into an actual fight.

Then he did something I hate, picking up his phone to read a text when we are talking about important stuff or spending quality time together. I stormed off to cool down, which just mad him madder, we yelled a lot but it was still constructive.

He told me I need to not worry so much, and it seems that we always have to go with his go-with-the-flow way of doing things and not my plan-it-out way. I dont care if the plan works out perfectly, but i want a plan.

Im feeling like things are always either a comprise or his way, but never mine. I mean, we compromise on a lot, because we are very different in a lot of ways. And we stick to those compromises.
But I know I cant push him to plan when hes not a planner.
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