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Thank you for the suggestions and for the advice. There is nothing I disagree with. What you say makes sense, including the disclaimer.

With the message we are discussing, though, the situation was slightly different. Her profile offered nothing I cold pick as a specific common ground, unless we were to make the link too attenuated. For this reason, what I wrote to her was an attempt to invite her to find something in me that would be of interest to her. People are not interested in "similarities' only. It did not work.

To others, whose profiles offered specific information in which I could sink my teeth in, I wrote different messages with the same success.

Thant being said, I was a bit imprecise in my messages in the sense that one woman did answer, two weeks after I wrote to her, and we have been exchanging mail once every few days. She is openly poly, but I don't feel sexually attracted to her. She is an interesting person, though, and I hope me make friends. My original message to was similar to those sent to others.
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