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We got to my apartment and she asked T about the apartment idea. He liked it. i was overjoyed. We hung well for awhile. b got upset when we were playing Mario Party though. as she always does. always. He had just mentioned that he remembered something from when he and I had played alone. Period. She's so irrational. So she had a fit. He showered and she checked his phone. She snoops. I fear her finding this even. Sorry B for being mean, just a lot of my frustration lies here. He has cheated on her, many times. I don't blame her. I would too. Especially since he's ruined her trust for him.
She found a picture. She brought me to the bathroom. It was from another girl. Scantily clad. From the day before... The day he was SUPPOSED to be with me. . . Then there was a picture he had taken (no proof he sent it, his outbox was deleted) of himself. Half naked. . . I was hurt. Felt sick. If either of us had done that he'd have been pissed and hurt and left. I couldn't believe him. We, after forever whispering in the bathroom, decided to confront him. He denied it. b did all the talking. I was hiding behind my pillow. I couldn't look at him as he lied to us. He had us both. One is more than some people have. He had two. TWO. TWO weren't enough. He promised multiple times he hadn't done anything. B insisted he had and he finally cracked. B pressured him for where they had met and what the extent of their relationship was. He had met her online and she just randomly texted him a picture and he was shocked. His words. B asked, "So it surprised you, so you saved a picture of a scantily clad girl on your phone???" He said it wasn't a big deal. B tried talking to him. He was sarcastic and laughed. Laughed at our pain. Who could do that? He showed no remorse. We were all so tired. We said so many mean things.
Me = needing self help
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