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It is possible to suddenly fall in love with someone. Sometimes that isn't a choice. What is a choice is what you do with it. Unfortunately you decided to create a situation where you didn't compound the love in your life, but jeopardize what you have by cheating. Now your new love is soiled and your old love is false in the eyes of your wife. Love has become scarce and impure where you could of made it abundant and beautiful and all because of the path you choose. At least that's what I have learned in cheating myself. Its possible to turn it around but you've made a lot of work for your self and have likely damaged someone who is innocent. I also would have less respect for someone who also choose to cheat with me.

So what will you do? We have given you a lot of advice and directed you many places. Have you decided? It sounds like the time is now to decide to keep lying and cheating or getting about coming clean and having integrity.
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