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I`m a fan of not giving presents, unless you all live together. I want to treat someone, how I want to be treated.
If I want to show someone outside my family my appreciation, I spend the day with them, and spoil them. They get my 100% attention. I`ll buy the dinner, and other things. I`ll pamper them. I wasn`t always sure that was the right thing to do, and second-guessed myself a lot with this issue in the past.

Though watching older generations around me,...what do they want ? They don`t want a slap-chop, or a DVD. They want your time. They want you to visit them. They want to see you. They have had years of gadgets and material things,..
Christmas shouldn`t be about the presents. ESPECIALLY if you are not religious. We do seem to 'need' dates on a calender to tell us to slow down, and create get-togethers with those that are important to us. So take advantage of the non-working days you get, and give someone your attention who needs it.

I was recently talking about this with a poly-friend. He was the one who added in the 'until you live together' part. Until that point, time is the most precious thing between people. The ability to not hurry off, or be mentally absorbed elsewhere. To just enjoy the moment.

So, everyone can afford 'time' on some level.
It could be a fancy vacation, to a weekend get-a-way, to a simple day spent together. Even if time is in abundance, do something unusual, or make it your 'treat' for the day.

The great thing is, even with living together, you still might need 'time', you can keep it going. Otherwise, if you see each other regularly, and live together, you have a great idea of knowing what that person likes and needs, and the guessing becomes less-so.

Alright. Enough with the fancy-ass holiday lecturing from me, I need my morning tea.
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